Key to Success – Passion

ptg00176249If you interview a number of really successful people, you will find a common thread to the reason for their success. That common thread is passion.

Successful people are driven by passion for their career. Notice the choice of the word career, not job. These people do not view their profession as a job, but as a career. To most, the connotation of the word job is a where they have to go a set number of hours each day to make just enough money to survive. A job does not evoke passion.

Conversely, successful people feel a real passion for their professions. They awaken each morning with a sense of excitement about the opportunities that await them. There is not the feeling of drudgery that many people feel as they head off to their job each day. They are living their dream.

Passions are those emotions that lift your spirit and make your heart sing. Passions help to define your purpose in life. Understanding and acting upon those things in life which you are passionate about creates a synergy that is contagious. That synergy attracts other successful people and fuels success. Doors of opportunity are opened to those people with the courage to act on their passions.

Few people ever take the time to really explore their passions. It is all too easy to get caught up in the daily routine of just making a living. Pushed aside is the time to do only those things that truly make you feel passionate. The sad fact is, lack of time or money is not the reason most people do not follow their passions. They are afraid to step outside their comfort zone. They are afraid to take a chance on themselves. Regardless of how unfulfilled their life may be, it is easier to maintain the status quo than to risk following their passions.

What would your life be like if you made the choice to only do those things you are passionate about? Would you welcome each day? Would your achievements mean more? Would your life be enriched? Would your soul sing? Take the time to write down what you think you are passionate about. After you have written them down, spend some time examining them. Once you have explored the validity of your passions, be willing to step outside your comfort zone and follow them. Live your dream!

Author: Dan Chambless
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Sales Cover Letters Dont Sell Yourself Short

B0EH5BFor one, sales cover letters are pretty much identical to business cover letters in their format or rules, but differ crucially in their content. Your cover letter reflects directly on your ability to make the sale.

Sales Cover Letter Basics

So here are the basics of sales cover letters. Sales cover letters must be written on a clean bright white paper and must be delivered to the addressee in an equally decent, stiff envelope. It must have contact information and three paragraphs neatly typed in their designated places. Cover letters are completely devoid of trivial things such as spelling and grammatical errors. So, it goes without saying that the letters must be proofed and edited a couple of times to thrash the trash. So if you think the language or tone of the letter needs drafting and redrafting just go ahead and do it. But at the same time, remember that the cover letter must be limited to less than a page long to ensure complete reading.

Selling Ice Cream To Eskimos

Making the big bang with HR is the fundamental quality of sales people. The fact is, all companies need sales people, all the time the question is why they should hire you. In the body of the sales letter, usually the second paragraph, including a couple of examples of selling under trying, extenuating circumstances to hesitant/unwilling customers and making it the focus point of the entire cover letter will turn the tables in your favor. But this should be done with aplomb without throwing off the balance of the rest of the letter.

Dedicate a few lines to explain how you beat the competition – which eventually becomes the point of discussion among every company executive. Employers will be only too happy to invite you for an interview if you can prove that you can bring in money regardless of the circumstances. Sales cover letters should exhibit the character traits of successful sales people – friendly and pushy in nature and being able to effectively convince others into buying their products. Sales people are some of the most prolific speakers with a good command of language skills and voice modulation. They also get friendly with people easily and love to talk.

The bottom line is that landing a sales position is all about the money. If you can show in your cover letter good sales figures and compare and contrast positive figures before and after your tenure, then you will have a good shot at landing the interview. Balance this with examples of your aggressiveness, determination and ability to outwit the competition, and you will be well on your way to landing your next sales position.

Author: Heather Eagar
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How To Write A Resume Cover Letter That Will Get Your Resume Read

art016321A Resume Cover Letter has only one purpose – to stimulate the recipient of your resume to review your resume. This free resume cover letter tutorial assumes that you will be sending your resume and resume cover letter by email.

In the age of e-mail your Cover Letter should go in the message of the e-mail and not as an attachment. Hiring managers and recruiters receive too many resumes to open and read each and every cover letter that comes as an attachment to an email. The chances are very good that a Cover Letter sent as an attachment will not be opened and read and it fact the email will simply be deleted.

Keep your resume cover letter brief and to the point. Assume that the person receiving your resume is busy – very busy. They are reviewing other resumes – many. Your cover letter is introducing you to the person who could be hiring you.

So be thoughtful – keep it brief and to the point. You are not writing an essay or a novel. You are trying to communicate with someone who is very busy and you are competing for their attention. You need to help them see that opening your resume many lead them to the person – or persons – that they are looking to find.

The following pages take you step by step through the nine components necessary in a cover letter including a sample cover letter.

Maximizing your e-mail impact

For the most part, as an IT professional, you will be sending your Cover Letter and resume by e-mail. Your e-mail will be one of many in the inbox of a recruiter or employer.

Meeting you for the first time

Your e-mail represents you walking into the office of the recipient. They are meeting you for the first time.

Make it easy to read your e-mail

Remember the goal is to make it as easy as possible for the recipient of your e-mail to decide to open your e-mail, read your e-mail and then open and read your resume.

Your Cover Letter is going into the message or body of the e-mail delivering your IT resume.

Let’s take the example of an employer or recruiter who is looking to fill the position of a “SCO UNIX Support Technician”.

Be clear and concise

Be clear, concise and specific in the Subject Line and use the Job Title found in the advertisement or job posting plus your name:

Subject line :

SCO UNIX Support Technician job application by J. Itguru

Now let’s look at the nine (9) components of a Cover Letter that goes into the Message or Body of the e-mail.

Writing a good Cover Letter requires following some basic steps such as the 9 steps that follow.

The Cover Letter goes into the body or message of the email attached to your resume and uses the following nine(9) components:

1.Your name, telephone number and e-mail address at the top of the Cover Letter.

2. Address the letter to someone in particular, if you can, or use To Whom It May Concern.

3. Name the position that you are applying for unless a file reference number is requested, then use the file reference number.

4. Briefly give an overview of your experience as it relates to the position being applied for.

5. In point form list the 3 or 4 most career highlights that relate directly to the job according to the ad that you are responding to.

6. Tell them that you have attached your resume that provides a detailed overview of your skills, experience, education, training and achievements.

7. Thank the person reading your resume.

8. Sign the e-mail with your name, home telephone number and personal e-mail address.

9. Add a PS to the note telling the recepient that you check your voice mail and email on regular daily basis.

Take action and write a resume cover letter to introduce your IT resume. Just follow the steps in this tutorial and write a cover letter that works for you.

Let’s review the basics so you can get started:

– use the Job Title found in the job advertisement in the Subject of the email;

– the Cover Letter goes into the body or message of the email attached to your resume;

– there are nine (9) components that make up the Cover Letter.

Resume Cover Letter Action Steps

Now print off a copy of the Cover Letter and write your own using Notepad or some other text editor.

When you are finished you can easily cut & paste into any email that you then send.

Author: Richard Ward
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Career Advice For New Graduates

rds110121From time to time, we can all use some good career advice, and new graduates in particular often need some guidance to get them started on the right career path, and to land that all-important first job.

The job market these days is tight, and many Americans are feeling the pinch. New graduates, especially, can feel a bit overwhelmed as they head out into the “real world” looking for that dream job, only to find that there are more closed doors that open these days.

With this in mind, we will present some of the best career advice for both recent graduates and seasoned workers, the goal of which is to help you land a great job.

Tip number 1 — Be your own career coach.

If you’re tired of filling out endless applications and constantly checking the job web sites, one great tip is to look at your situation from the outside. In other words, see yourself as the applicant and be your own career coach. From this outside perspective, give yourself your best advice on how to land a job.

Getting outside yourself in this way will often show you the weak spots in your rsum, credentials or appearance, and provide you with clues on how to accentuate the positive in your situation.

Tip number 2 — Don’t dress for the job you are interviewing for; dress for the job you eventually want to have.

If you are applying for a job in the mailroom of a large corporation, but your actual goal is to be in upper management, don’t show up wearing khakis and a short sleeve shirt. Even after you have secured a job, one of the most important rules of business success is “never dress for the job you have; dress for the job you want.”

This may seem pretentious, or it could even make you feel that you stand out in a way that is uncomfortable, however, the more you stand out, the more likely it is that you will be noticed by higher-ups at the company. Whether we like it or not, the world we live in judges all of us by appearances. Take advantage of this fact by presenting yourself as neatly and professionally as possible, and always — and I mean always — dress above your current position.

Tip number 3 — If you cannot land at your dream job, take a lesser job and turn it into your dream job.

When the job market is really tight, sometimes it may be necessary to take a job that you feel is beneath your qualifications. If this should happen, it is important that you do not get despondent about it, but rather see this job as an important step toward a better career overall.

It is also important to remain flexible, because the career path you outline for yourself at age 20 may not make a whole lot of sense to you at age 26, for example. Some of the best career advice you can get is this — work hard and give your all to any company and any position you find yourself employed in.

Author: Craig Thornburrow
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Finding The Right Employment Opportunity – Putting Up With The Long Wait

pan006295Those who have ever indulged in finding the work knows that getting the right employment opportunity is a rarity. It starts a leisurely activity where in you search through the newspaper advertisements but slowly this search goes on for weeks and weeks without giving the right break. Though applying online sounds viable but it has over the period of time as become a common practice. After applying for greatest employment opportunity, there comes a long wait for the reply from full in anxiety. The people wait and wait and ponders when they would receive a call.

This wait in between can be a testing times for the individuals. Hoping around from one employment opportunity to next time is really tiring and discouraging. But one can do a lot of good if he fills in the gap with productive measures during this wait and this will surely increase the individual’s chances of getting hired. An individual may either sit idle in between the gaps or the other option is to take the help of career counselor or career centre to hone the interviewing skill and brush up the resume. This will be reflected in the next interview when one will display confidence and focus during the interview and this will be surely taken note of by the employer.

The career centre or the counselor can also help to locate the employment opportunity that cannot be found anywhere else. The companies usually advertise online or in newspaper but these career centre or career counselor establish associations with the companies that give them inside information of the openings on varied positions existing in local companies. Thus it gives individuals a chance to display new skills they have learned during the time in the interview. Even if the interview is not successful one time or the job seems misfit the same skills can be tried and put into use in the the next scheduled interview.

Though the wait for right employment opportunity is tiring but it is important for an individual to keep himself busy in other useful things and a person should always carry a positive attitude. This will help him to keep him on level. One failure in the employment opportunity doesn’t mean that it will lead to another failure. One should try to fit in the job which matches his skill. The misfit job will again force an individual to look for another employment opportunity. But mean time a person can take a temporary job and wait for the some bigger openings. This job is usually something a person will not mind quitting once the position they’ve been waiting for opens up.

Author: Abhishek Agarwal
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Employment Canada

serviceCanadaCanada is facing a major shortage of skilled workers that is quickly becoming critical. Because most Canadians can easily come in to the United States to work, sometimes earning higher wages, the estimated deficit of employment Canada may reach is projected to be as many as one million affected jobs by the end of the next decade.

It’s not just the high-tech industries that are suffering: it’s everything from construction to banking to food service employment. Canada is feeling the shortage in numerous sectors and legislation has been introduced to encourage immigration to Canada to help secure the needed labor pool.

If you are interested in working in Canada, there are several options available for gaining employment. Canada offers both a temporary Visa with a work permit or permanent citizenship. The work permit, also known as an employment authorization or EA, requires the employer to show that the job could not be filled with a Canadian. The Human Resource Development Center then certifies the job for a foreign worker. It can be difficult to use an employment authorization to obtain employment. Canada has relaxed its employment authorization rules for the areas of technology (software and IT workers). They also have more relaxed rules for members of Youth Exchange and for spouses of temporary workers.

While Canada has typically had a “Canadians First” mentality when it comes to making decisions about foreign workers, the increased labor deficiency will eventually change the government’s perspective, hopefully in the near future. Specific markets with identified shortages already have special programs that allow for faster employment. Canada facilitates entry into the country for individuals who can help meet the needs for the areas with the direst shortages.

Globalization is also a factor in employment. Canada is recognizing the need to have more fluid borders to permit qualified people to move to the country. Because Canada is a younger country, immigration is one of the foundations of economic growth. While immigration has a positive impact on employment, Canada must face the challenges of having many different customs, traditions, and cultures.

If you are considering relocating in your search for employment, Canada requires that you demonstrate some kind of tie to the country, whether it be a permanent or temporary job offer or some other tie. Once working in Canada, you will enjoy having access to the superior education system as well as the phenomenal medical services.

Author: Gordon Petten
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Cover Letters – The Five Essentials to Writing a Knock ‘Em Dead Cover Letter

hand_penOK my friend, you now have completed that resume and it looks great. But what about a cover letter? Is this still a wise business practice or have cover letters gone the way of pet rocks? No sir, if you plan on succeeding in the business world, you must have a great cover letter that serves as a basic introduction to the resume that follows. As with the resume, there are certain guidelines that help to separate a great cover letter from the pack. So without further ado, here are some basic tips to help you craft that introductory document.

1. Cover letters shouldn’t be complicated, in fact, try to keep it short and simple using bullets if possible to structure the document. This also helps the reader keep your strong suits in mind when perusing the page.

2. Get the contact person’s name and title in the company. Avoid if at all possible a generic title such as hiring manager or human resources. Also using “Mr. Jones” instead of “Dear Sir” will give you an advantage over your competition since it is clear that you did your homework on the company.

3. Use the first paragraph to grab the employers attention by putting one of your best accomplishments or positives that you bring to the company. By putting yourself in a favorable light, it is clear that you have the confidence necessary to succeed.

4. The next paragraph should provide example of how you can help the company. Try to cite prior examples of how you turned around a poor situation at a prior stop. This will show that you are willing to work.

5. In the final paragraph, make sure that you list your preferred contact information and state that you would like to make contact as a follow up to the correspondence. This can be done through phone call or email, whichever you prefer.

By constructing a winning cover letter, you are giving your resume an advantage over the others because human resources personnel already have a good idea that you have what it takes to fill the position. Make sure to follow through each of the steps confidently and you too will have a great cover letter. Good luck!

Author: Brian G Chadra
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