Dance teacher

Name: Dmitry

Location: Ukraine

Phone# : 068-602-7688


Describe briefly what kind of job you are looking for?: Dance teacher, Choreography

RESUME: Last Name Startsev
Name Dmitry
Birth Date Feb. 17, 1980
Sex Male
Cell Phone +7 9045306807(rus); +38 0686027688(ukr)
Nationality Ukraine
Mailing Address 10 Shyshkivska st., app. 85
61070, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Position sought Dancing Master, Coacher, Choreographer

Working Hours Full-time job

Education 1997 through 2002,
Skovoroda Kharkiv National Teachers College (university)
Musical&Pedagogical faculty
Pedagogics and Methodology of High-School Teaching. Choreography
university degree – specialist, MA, Dancing Master

Professional Experience – 1999 – 2000, Kindergarten in Kharkiv, Ukraine
– teacher of dancing at a dancing hobby group (training and educational process);
– 2001 – 2002, Community Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine
– sport dance group trainer (training and educational process, dance drilling);
– 2002 – 2005, General Education School in Kharkiv, Ukraine
– teacher of eurhythmics, choreography and world artistic culture (training and educational process, work with children, development of sense of rhythm with children);
– 2006 – 2008, Culture Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine
– Choreographer (training and educational process, work with children and teenagers, dance choreography);
– 2008 – till now, Community Center in Grayvoron, Russia
– Ballet-Master, choreographer (training and educational process, dance group trainer, the group educatees became Champions of Russia in 2010 and 2011 and World Champions in 2010

Spoken Languages Bilingual Russian and Ukrainian native speaker
English: reading and understanding level, can make myself understood

Computer Literacy Microsoft Word, Excel

Major Projects Participation Participated in multiple international dance contests and festivals

Professional summary Have dedicated myself to dancing since my 6; while professionally – since my 9. International class sport dancer. Total job experience as choreographer, ballet-master, dance trainer – 14 years. Fostered Champions of Ukraine, Champions of Russia and World Champions

Certificates Program of Modern Dancing Styles and Schools
Federation of Modern Dance Sport of Russia’s Conference of Judges and Trainers

Personality Communicative, persistent, diligent, creative, master easily any new approach needed for work, self-reliant, careful and attentive

Marital Status divorced, farther of one daughter

Hobbies dancing, sports

(can be provided if asked) by Nikolay Popov, President, Federation of Modern Dance of Russia

Other Certificates and diplomas:

CV Startsev.doc (223 KB)

Rehab Technician

rehabtechName: Lee Jean Downs

Location: Tempe, AZ

Phone#: (602) 315-4599

Describe briefly what kind of job you are looking for?: I am an experienced personal trainer and ergonomic consultant. I specialize in injury prevention education and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. In my capacity as an ergonomic consultant, I have helped people improve their work spaces so that they experience a reduction in pain and an increase in energy. My attention to detail leads me to ask my clients about their time in other environments, such as how they commute and any home office space, to seek ways to help them improve all environments with which they have contact. I perform a similar service for my personal training clients, but, usually without traveling to their place of work. I am always seeking to increase my knowledge in the fields of ergonomics, rehabilitation techniques and personal training. I seek a full-time, non-sales position located within 7 mi. of the intersection of Rural Rd. & Southern Ave. with an hourly pay of at least $12.00/hr. Principals only; please contact me via Ergsclmr at yahoo dot com. I give my e-mail address, because, my phone minutes are limited. Thank you for your time. I look forward to meeting you and using my extensive knowledge in kinesiology and many office skills as your new Rehabilitation Technician in the near future. Read more

Ecommerce Specialist / Expert en Commerce électronique


Location: Brooklyn, NY

Phone#: 347-200-3604


eeking relocation to Montreal. Innovative and results oriented individual seeking an employment opportunity in a progressive organization, which offers advancement opportunities. I would like an opportunity to provide original ideas and show my capability to bring an organization to new heights. Read more

Executive Assistant – Joy

Name: Joy

Location: Maryland, DC


executiveassistantDescribe briefly what kind of job you are looking for?: Executive Assistant position focused on performing a variety of high-level projects in support of organizational and executive level goals.


Objective: Executive Assistant position focused on performing a variety of high-level projects in support of organizational and executive level goals.

Summary of Qualification
Project Management Strategic Planning Invoicing and Billing Processes
Negotiation Sales Management Advertisement / Marketing

Computer literate, internet savvy, technical proficiency in operating copiers, printers, and fax machines.
Superior attention to detail, calm under pressure, proactive and confident.
Outstanding ability to develop and maintain constructive and cooperative working relationships with individuals at all levels of the organization
Organized the details of special events, travel arrangements, corporate agendas and itineraries.
Development of executive level reports and presentations with a high degree of efficiency.
Adeptly handled incoming communications and responded to internal requests for information.
Handled sensitive and confidential information with discretion. Problem resolution abilities.
Scheduled off-site meetings. Contacted guest speakers, talent, created and sent notices/ promotional material, appointments, conducted interviews, hired, trained and notified appropriate parties of agenda.
Coordinated internal meetings by preparing agendas and other written materials.
Collaborated with department managers on weekly postings for master reports.
Perform a variety of key investor-relations functions,

Work History
2000-2003 Sales and Marketing: Maggi. Maintained and supervised campaigns, staff, and supplies, coordinated events, talent, speakers, conference calls and travel to promote visibility and reputation. Proven track record for accurately completing research, reporting, information management, and managing marketing avenues. Collaborate investor-relations initiatives. Served as corporate liaison to training new representatives.

2003-2006 Accounting: Support to CFO. Financial Analysis for Government Contractors. Senior Accountant. Temp. Maintain capital purchases, direct vendor relations, generate and maintain equipment tracking records. Process monthly expense reports reflecting supporting documents and budget code indexes. Prepare and maintain annual vacation records on departmental employees. Compiled and analyzed data from reports. Managed accounts payable, receivables, and bank reconciliations. Oversaw administrative budget and reports.

1998-2009 Assistant and Project Manager: Contractor. Executive Assistant, Marketing Manager, Media Buyer, SEO and Internet Marketing Project Manager. Assisted and pioneered marketing proposals. Created marketing plans with appropriate media. Proactively assisted and managed campaigns for TV, Radio, Mail, Email and Social Sites.. Utilized creative, graphical, and analytical skills to meet and exceed marketing goals.

Volunteer and Community Experience
2004-2008 Assisted non-profit with project management. .
1999-2000 Public Relations / Public Speaker – Beauties of America, MD and VA
1997-1998 Public Speaker Volunteer for Fund-raiser for community undertakings.
1998 Writing, Producing, Directing. TV Practicum. ** 3 Sales Interns:Radio. TV, Print. ** Intern. Radio Show.

2009-2011 Masters – University of Maryland’s Life Credit and Online Master’s Program, MD
BS 3.74 GPA – Communications; Advertisement, PR, Media Management, Lynchburg, VA.
AA 3.9 GPA – Graphics. Cowley, Ark City , KS. 1994
General Ed. – 3.83 GPA – Southwest Baptist University , Bolivar, MO. 1993

References Upon Request

Clerical / Administrative – Vishny Padayachy

Name: Vishny Poonoosamy Padayachy

Location: Burnaby, BC

Phone#: (778-918-0239)


oas01Describe briefly what kind of job you are looking for?: I have an experience of 8 years in the insurance sector and I have been exposed in various department such as the Customer Service dept, Finance dept and also the claims Depart.
I am fully bilingual(English and French).

I can worked in a call centre, in an insurance company or as an administrative assistant. Read more

Receptionist/Administrative assistant – Danielle Roppel

Job Title: Administrative

Name: Danielle Roppel

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Phone#: (403) 477-2567


Administrative_AssistantDescribe briefly what kind of job you are looking for?: A challenging position as a Full time Receptionist/Administrative assistant. Read more

Full-time in Avalon – Michelle Hogan

Name: Michelle Hogan

Location: St. John’s, NL

Phone#: 709-368-0329


111204_NewfoundlandDescribe briefly what kind of job you are looking for?: To obtain full time employment in the Avalon region. Read more

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