Reinventing Yourself for Multiple Careers

In many countries around the globe, people are born into their station in life and hence their professions. It is unnecessary for them to plan a career as they are expected to perform one specific job their entire lives. These cultures do not consider personal growth or the possibility of choosing ones profession.


Advance Your Career with Home Depot Employment Opportunities

Simply like working with your family – that is what Home Depot is all about. Home Depot was established several years ago. It is considered a recently established retailer with about $73 billion income since it started. At this time there are about 370,000 workers at Home Depot. You can be one of them and look into the different Home Depot employment opportunities.


Top 5 In-Demand Careers

Are you searching for a career field that is challenging, interesting, and needs qualified workers? Before you decide which path to choose, take a few minutes to consider five of the most in-demand careers areas. These areas are, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), going to experience high growth and demand for workers over the next ten years.


The Future of Senior Level Careers

In our work with senior executives, it is not uncommon to hear the following:

minimum wage

Careers, Employment and the Truth About Minimum Wage

The current minimum wage in the United States of America is $5.15 per hour and some believe it should be much higher. In fact the city of Chicago wanted to mandate that the employment wages could not go less than $10 per hour and some agreed. Recently the United States Congress and the United States Senate voted on a minimum-wage bill, which they did not pass.

Career Advice For Job Seekers

The economy is rough nowadays, and with mass lay-offs and plenty of discouragement, its a good idea to look for career advice to change your focus to something you can be passionate about. The difference between a job and a career is that the first option is labor oriented and usually does not have much advancement involved, and the second option is passion oriented, allowing you to advance and grow using skills that you have learned through some kind of formal or technical education. If you do not know what direction to go into, seeking an advice is an excellent first step to organizing your goals while helping you head down a path that will encourage and motivate you to succeed.

Resume Writing Services

The idea of a resume is a, seemingly, simple one; we all understand the purpose. The problem doesn’t appear until you actually start writing it. Then, the purpose seems to fade away in a series of clichs and odd phrases. Few people can write a good resume. Most can craft a serviceable one and some… They cannot craft anything. For those unable to create anything remotely resembling a resume, the best hope for success is to use a resume writing service.

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