Dance teacher

Name: Dmitry

Location: Ukraine

Phone# : 068-602-7688


Describe briefly what kind of job you are looking for?: Dance teacher, Choreography

RESUME: Last Name Startsev
Name Dmitry
Birth Date Feb. 17, 1980
Sex Male
Cell Phone +7 9045306807(rus); +38 0686027688(ukr)
Nationality Ukraine
Mailing Address 10 Shyshkivska st., app. 85
61070, Kharkiv, Ukraine

Position sought Dancing Master, Coacher, Choreographer

Working Hours Full-time job

Education 1997 through 2002,
Skovoroda Kharkiv National Teachers College (university)
Musical&Pedagogical faculty
Pedagogics and Methodology of High-School Teaching. Choreography
university degree – specialist, MA, Dancing Master

Professional Experience – 1999 – 2000, Kindergarten in Kharkiv, Ukraine
– teacher of dancing at a dancing hobby group (training and educational process);
– 2001 – 2002, Community Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine
– sport dance group trainer (training and educational process, dance drilling);
– 2002 – 2005, General Education School in Kharkiv, Ukraine
– teacher of eurhythmics, choreography and world artistic culture (training and educational process, work with children, development of sense of rhythm with children);
– 2006 – 2008, Culture Center in Kharkiv, Ukraine
– Choreographer (training and educational process, work with children and teenagers, dance choreography);
– 2008 – till now, Community Center in Grayvoron, Russia
– Ballet-Master, choreographer (training and educational process, dance group trainer, the group educatees became Champions of Russia in 2010 and 2011 and World Champions in 2010

Spoken Languages Bilingual Russian and Ukrainian native speaker
English: reading and understanding level, can make myself understood

Computer Literacy Microsoft Word, Excel

Major Projects Participation Participated in multiple international dance contests and festivals

Professional summary Have dedicated myself to dancing since my 6; while professionally – since my 9. International class sport dancer. Total job experience as choreographer, ballet-master, dance trainer – 14 years. Fostered Champions of Ukraine, Champions of Russia and World Champions

Certificates Program of Modern Dancing Styles and Schools
Federation of Modern Dance Sport of Russia’s Conference of Judges and Trainers

Personality Communicative, persistent, diligent, creative, master easily any new approach needed for work, self-reliant, careful and attentive

Marital Status divorced, farther of one daughter

Hobbies dancing, sports

(can be provided if asked) by Nikolay Popov, President, Federation of Modern Dance of Russia

Other Certificates and diplomas:

CV Startsev.doc (223 KB)

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art016321A Resume Cover Letter has only one purpose – to stimulate the recipient of your resume to review your resume. This free resume cover letter tutorial assumes that you will be sending your resume and resume cover letter by email.

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Subject line :

SCO UNIX Support Technician job application by J. Itguru

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7. Thank the person reading your resume.

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Resume Cover Letter Action Steps

Now print off a copy of the Cover Letter and write your own using Notepad or some other text editor.

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Article Source:

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