Writing Attention Grabbing Cover Letters for Resumes That Get The Job Interview

If you have spent hours creating the perfect resume that you targeted to the company and job you were applying for only to receive a standard rejection letter, you may have neglected the importance of cover letters for resumes.

Cover letters for resumes provide the first impression of you to a prospective employer. If the employer doesnt like your cover letter, the resume may not even get a look.

So how do you write cover letters for resumes that grab the attention of readers and maintain their interest? First, your cover letter needs to be concise, short, have an easy to read layout and be error free.

The goal of cover letters for resumes is to create enough interest in the reader that your resume will be read and hopefully short-listed. A good cover letter addresses the job requirements outlined in both the advertisement and any selection criteria provided. This makes the job of the employer or human resource department a lot easier and makes it less likely that you will be culled.

Since the purpose of your cover letter is to support your application by providing evidence that you are qualified for the position and would fit in well with the organization, it is essential that you understand all the requirements of the position and learn as much as possible about the culture and circumstances of the company.

This needs to be broadly conveyed in the first paragraph of your covering letter. You also need to identify the position you are applying for in your opening paragraph as there may be a number of positions being simultaneously advertised.

You can be more specific in the following paragraph, outlining your qualifications for the position. In this paragraph, you need to explain how your work experiences, skills, education and training not only meet the requirements of the job, but make you the best person for the job.

Only include relevant details that will be of interest to the reader. If you have extensive experience and skills that meet the requirements of the company for the position, you may need another paragraph to detail them.

Once you have specifically addressed the requirements of the job, spend a paragraph discussing why you want to work for this particular organization. Show you have researched them and explain how you would fit well into their culture, contributing to the organization on a number of levels.

Finally, proofread and edit your cover letter a few times before sending it. If necessary, have someone else read it to make sure it is free of errors. Having grammatical or typographical errors in a cover letter is likely to totally ruin your chances of getting an interview.

Cover letters for resumes can make or break your job application, so it is essential to treat them seriously and make every effort to create an excellent first impression.

Author: Freddie Johnson

Sales Cover Letters Dont Sell Yourself Short

B0EH5BFor one, sales cover letters are pretty much identical to business cover letters in their format or rules, but differ crucially in their content. Your cover letter reflects directly on your ability to make the sale.

Sales Cover Letter Basics

So here are the basics of sales cover letters. Sales cover letters must be written on a clean bright white paper and must be delivered to the addressee in an equally decent, stiff envelope. It must have contact information and three paragraphs neatly typed in their designated places. Cover letters are completely devoid of trivial things such as spelling and grammatical errors. So, it goes without saying that the letters must be proofed and edited a couple of times to thrash the trash. So if you think the language or tone of the letter needs drafting and redrafting just go ahead and do it. But at the same time, remember that the cover letter must be limited to less than a page long to ensure complete reading.

Selling Ice Cream To Eskimos

Making the big bang with HR is the fundamental quality of sales people. The fact is, all companies need sales people, all the time the question is why they should hire you. In the body of the sales letter, usually the second paragraph, including a couple of examples of selling under trying, extenuating circumstances to hesitant/unwilling customers and making it the focus point of the entire cover letter will turn the tables in your favor. But this should be done with aplomb without throwing off the balance of the rest of the letter.

Dedicate a few lines to explain how you beat the competition – which eventually becomes the point of discussion among every company executive. Employers will be only too happy to invite you for an interview if you can prove that you can bring in money regardless of the circumstances. Sales cover letters should exhibit the character traits of successful sales people – friendly and pushy in nature and being able to effectively convince others into buying their products. Sales people are some of the most prolific speakers with a good command of language skills and voice modulation. They also get friendly with people easily and love to talk.

The bottom line is that landing a sales position is all about the money. If you can show in your cover letter good sales figures and compare and contrast positive figures before and after your tenure, then you will have a good shot at landing the interview. Balance this with examples of your aggressiveness, determination and ability to outwit the competition, and you will be well on your way to landing your next sales position.

Author: Heather Eagar
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Cover Letters – The Five Essentials to Writing a Knock ‘Em Dead Cover Letter

hand_penOK my friend, you now have completed that resume and it looks great. But what about a cover letter? Is this still a wise business practice or have cover letters gone the way of pet rocks? No sir, if you plan on succeeding in the business world, you must have a great cover letter that serves as a basic introduction to the resume that follows. As with the resume, there are certain guidelines that help to separate a great cover letter from the pack. So without further ado, here are some basic tips to help you craft that introductory document.

1. Cover letters shouldn’t be complicated, in fact, try to keep it short and simple using bullets if possible to structure the document. This also helps the reader keep your strong suits in mind when perusing the page.

2. Get the contact person’s name and title in the company. Avoid if at all possible a generic title such as hiring manager or human resources. Also using “Mr. Jones” instead of “Dear Sir” will give you an advantage over your competition since it is clear that you did your homework on the company.

3. Use the first paragraph to grab the employers attention by putting one of your best accomplishments or positives that you bring to the company. By putting yourself in a favorable light, it is clear that you have the confidence necessary to succeed.

4. The next paragraph should provide example of how you can help the company. Try to cite prior examples of how you turned around a poor situation at a prior stop. This will show that you are willing to work.

5. In the final paragraph, make sure that you list your preferred contact information and state that you would like to make contact as a follow up to the correspondence. This can be done through phone call or email, whichever you prefer.

By constructing a winning cover letter, you are giving your resume an advantage over the others because human resources personnel already have a good idea that you have what it takes to fill the position. Make sure to follow through each of the steps confidently and you too will have a great cover letter. Good luck!

Author: Brian G Chadra
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